The Ideal Origination Platform for Equipment Finance Companies

SkopeLend LOS: The Ideal Origination Platform for Equipment Finance Companies

SkopeLend LOS is a powerful and flexible loan origination platform that can handle a wide range of products and workflows. It has configurable checklisting, customer and partner portals, API connections to funding sources, and countless integrations. These features and automation capabilities enable your high-value staff to do high-value work, instead of manually pulling credit reports, sifting through emails for requested files, and doing duplicate and triplicate data entry when syndicating deals or filing UCCs.

Small and Large Ticket Workflows

SkopeLend LOS has an application-only workflow that enables an applicant to go from application to signed contract in less than 5 minutes, automating the entire intake process. For larger transactions, Skopelend LOS has workflows that collect more information and connect with external data sources to expedite onboarding and underwriting – making a full financial review feel like an app-only transaction.

Rapid Implementation Timeline

SkopeLend LOS can be implemented in as little as 12 weeks, during which you will have a dedicated and responsive project manager. This project manager, and the team behind them, are all familiar with the pain points of equipment finance firms – after all, Skopelend LOS was built by lenders, for lenders. Requirements gathering sessions are not long and arduous, but rather collaborative and fruitful.


Full Skope is interested in partnership and your growth, not saddling firms with huge contracts. SkopeLend LOS allows your business to transact more volume more efficiently and is priced for equipment finance companies to thrive.

No Ongoing Upcharges

With SkopeLend LOS, there are no ongoing upcharges for enhancements and new features. When a new integration, connection to funding source, or feature is available it is yours at no additional cost to your company. Full Skope is invested in the relationship and your company’s growth.

Full Skope’s SkopeLend LOS is powerful, flexible, and affordable, which allows your equipment finance firm to be more efficient. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please book a demo here.