Full Skope Deploys Loan Origination Solution for Sage Creek Capital

Full Skope, a provider of loan origination software, successfully rolled out its SkopeLend platform at Sage Creek Capital, a rapidly growing equipment finance company led by Ethan Keeler.

SkopeLend’s push-button deployment and industry-specific workflows have empowered Sage Creek Capital to streamline operations, accelerate deal funding and provide a superior experience for both clients and team members.

“Full Skope delivered in a big way,” Ethan Keeler, president of Sage Creek Capital, said. “They deployed a solution that solves our challenges and makes us look great to both our clients and our team members. I enjoyed the process of working with Full Skope throughout the implementation, and we were able to go from contract to funding deals within eight weeks.”

Sage Creek Capital, driven by its commitment to speed and efficiency, sought a LOS that could match its growth trajectory. SkopeLend’s cloud-based platform, with its pre-configured workflows and integrations, provided the perfect fit. The intuitive interface and automated processes eliminated manual tasks and delays, enabling Sage Creek Capital to onboard new clients, process applications and fund deals faster than ever before.

“We’re thrilled to be part of Sage Creek Capital’s success story,” Doug Hogan, CEO of Full Skope, said. “Their rapid growth is a testament to their vision and execution, and we’re proud to provide the tools that are helping them achieve their goals. We’re continuing to innovate our platform and we’re committed to helping equipment finance companies and other lenders by delivering a powerful platform without the big ticket costs and lengthy implementations.”

Full Skope’s SkopeLend platform is rapidly gaining traction in the equipment finance industry, offering a compelling alternative to traditional LOS solutions. With its combination of speed, flexibility and affordability, SkopeLend is empowering lenders to achieve operational excellence and deliver superior value to their clients.

Full Skope Deploys Loan Origination Solution for Sage Creek Capital